Dr. Sheryl Bisgrove Lab, SFU   

   Research Volunteer

   September 2018 – March 2020

   Project: Testing for reproductive effects of diluted bitumen on giant kelp


  • Field collection of kelp specimen

  • Lab extraction of zoospores; analysis of zoospore reproductive health by microscopy

Image by Kieran Wood

Relevant Links

> Ranah Chavoshi's Twitter

Field Sampling and Lab Work Too!

I was taken on as a volunteer by Ranah Chavoshi, a Masters student working in environmental toxicology. We went out in a canoe to sample giant bull kelp spores from ocean sites. We then went back to the lab, cleaned the kelp, cut off the reproductive sections, exposed them to varying concentrations of bitumen and then analyzed the number of zoospores under a microscope.

This work was my first experience with the full top to bottom, field to lab process of collecting data and I enjoyed it very much! Something about collecting a sample knowing you're going to get to look at it in detail under a microscope is extra exciting!