Muay Thai Training Journal July-October 2019

In an effort to not forget the techniques, advise, and technical corrections that are given to me in my training I started a Muay Thai training journal. Here I will share some of that journal in the hope that someone may find it useful or interesting.

Space and Strategy

-stand back and make fully use of your range

-circle to the opponents weaker side, don't walk straight into their power side

-as much as you can, try to use previous moves to set up for a more powerful punch that fits in to the flow

-get back out of dodge at the end of a combo

-work on keeping balance during strikes so you can avoid strikes

-keep 50/50 balance as much as possible

-hop in with a teep to get them to back up/confuse them

-take note of your range as often as you can

-keep your distance with people shorter than you

-can punch on the way out of the kick

Mental Training

-don't look so tired, embrace it

-when you're tired that's when it most important to focus on proper technique, that is when true progress happens

-respect the sport at all levels, the individual, the group and the organization

Straight Punch Technique

-keep the back of the hand up on straight punches

-lead jab is for keeping distance, bring in the cross for power

-punch "through the pad"

-turn your fist down so you're punching with your first two knuckles

-put the whole body into it as one connected source of power

Hooks and Uppercuts

-step in before the hook, that punch requires being in tight

-keep your elbow up in hook and turn the whole body to get power on each one


-bend the standing leg when kicking for more power and balance

-turn your shoulders so the hips follow

-step outside of their stance and then follow through with a kick

-make sure the kicks go through their body, they come in sideways not up

-from your toes, twist your foot out, rotate it out to 90 degrees to get your hip out

-rotate with a snapping motion of the foot

-thrust your hips forward on teeps

-leg kicks, aim for 'the seam of the jeans'

-spinning back kick: step with right foot twisted to load the spin, look backwards and at your target and then kick sideways


-get your head in close to them so they can't hit you

-when switching knees, the head switches from side to side

-drive with the hips

-kneeing, bring their head towards the knee you're throwing

-grab at the back of the head


-Hold pads at eye levels for the other person


-'roll away' from their punch and back to the centre

-step away from kicks and try to catch it

-to defend an inside leg kick lift your leg straight up

-block with your hands against your face so you don't punch yourself

-lift your leg to check a leg kick, out at a 45 degree angle to get shin on shin

-parry straight punches

-when throwing your right hand, can protect the right side of your face with your left hand

-keep the puffy side of your gloves facing outward when you're in your guard

-keep the elbows together and in

-a moving target is much harder to hit

-if you get in the pocket, jab to get out